I think, maybe just maybe
If you could see it
You could believe it
And believe me.
For what I see is not fictitious
Or ethereal
Or a lie.
I see through the facade
The walls built by heart, hurt
And by others
And the smiling sunlight
And shines
And shines
And fucking shines.

Maybe you looked too long
And blinded yourself
And forgot
Or believed those who had never seen.
Or could not believe in something
That the gods would be jealous of.

Those gods that made you,
And gave you burdens.
Share, a heavy heart is best carried by two.
And you say all you see is dark in the future
But beside you I see a light from your eyes
And it is your curse
And my curse
That you cannot see it and I
I cannot describe it.


I, I can lead you where you won’t
Let yourself know
You are going.

The moon lights some distance and helps.
She knows about you.
I told her of your heart
And how I saw it
Without looking hard.

And Buk said there is a light
And I called my god a liar.
I had never seen it
And you had never see it
And then I saw it.

It found me, sunshine,
It found me
And I am taken.

Behind a hazel iris.

I see a better me
He says try.

A blythe spirit found me
And I was a coward.

I was a man born to fix
And now I am a man
A mirror and maybe
The light might
Shine back inwards
And warm
Even the coldest of night

And even when you do not see
The sunshine, it shines
And shines
And fucking shines.